About Us

Quality Innovations was established in 1996 based on a need for knowledge relating to the implementation of quality management systems. Mike Gospodinsky is the founder of the company. See Bio

in 1993 the QS 9000 standard was published by the big three auto makers, Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. Prior to this all three were using independent supplier quality system requirements and in an effort to unify and utilize a third party auditing scheme, they published this standard.

Initially in the United States, ISO 9001 saw minimal implementation. It was much more popular in Europe or with companies doing business in Europe. QS 9000 resulted in a need for tens of thousands of companies to become certified.

At the time, Mike was instrumental in implementing and achieving the certification at the tier one automotive supplier for which he was employed. In an effort to fulfill the mounting need for consultants, Mike started Quality Innovations in Wadsworth Ohio. The first four years were spend focusing on QS 9000 with some work involving ISO 9001.

Quality Innovations was also involved during the early stages of ISO 14001 certifications and auditing. This business increase when Ford and General Motors required first tier suppliers to become certified.

The same phenomenon occurred when the QS 9000 standard required all suppliers to utilized third party accredited laboratories for calibration and testing. Quality Innovations, with a strong background in laboratory quality systems based on ISO Guide 25 and GM’s GP-10 began aiding in the certification to ISO 17025 the accreditation of laboratory management systems.

Since then, Quality Innovations has provided consulting services for the TS 16949 standard, AS 9100 version B,C and D as well as the newer IATF 16949 standard.

Quality Innovations has been involved in many revolutionary quality system designs. In 1996, we began the use of a browser based quality system which operated like a well designed web site. A similar system was implemented down to the employee level at a large Oscar Mayer plant in order to provide access to all forms and procedures at the workplace. We have also participated in customized software and database development in order to make quality systems more efficient.

Quality Innovations was also one of the first consulting firms to perform contract internal audits. This at first was a response to a need based on very small organizations who did not have independent employee to conduct audits. It has resulted in a trend in which over 90% of our clients enjoy either total or partial internal system audits.

Remote consulting and auditing is not really a new concept, however Quality Innovations has taken this to a whole new level. We can complete the majority of your internal audit remotely, saving valuable time and travel expense with minimal inconvenience to you and your employees.

Today, Quality Innovations is based out of the Tampa Bay area of Florida and has established a base serving clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg as well as many other areas of Florida.

Although our headquarters are in Florida, we continue to serve many clients in Northeast Ohio as well as many other states and countries when the need arises.