Remote Auditing and Consulting

In addition to on-site support, Quality Innovations can also provide support remotely.  Utilizing technology such as web based conferencing, email and conference calling, we can help you to customize, improve and streamline your system as well as perform audits.  Many clients take advantage of this service in order to save time, money and provide the best value in consulting support.

Hiring a consultant is an expensive proposition not including the expense of travel, wasted time, your employees time, lunches, doughnuts, dinners etc.. At Quality Innovations we can support you though remote techniques saving time and money.

In many cases an organization may have a very good quality system and are merely looking for some advice or a second set of eyes to help them either update or improve the system. In this case it may not be worth making a trip or visit to the facility, it can be done through a conference call, Webex, Skype, emails or other form of communication. We can review your current documentation and records and provide feedback on how to improve your system.

In the same respect, many aspects of internal audits can also be performed remotely. It is much more efficient for us to review your records on our own time, rather than in a conference room with a group of your employees. Many of our clients provide direct access to records so that audits can occur randomly. Direct access to actual live records is the best method to audit. For example, if your auditor can access your system for corrective actions, he or she can review your systems effectiveness and simply follow up to ensure that corrective actions have actually be implemented.

Remote consulting and auditing work much in the same way as a virtual workplace. We are connected by technology rather than face to face.

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